Sri Lanka Cinnamon Sticks
Cinnamon Sticks
Each Cinnamon Stick is hand crafted and wrapped in cellophane
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Sri Lanka Cinnamon is also called Ceylon Cinnamon. Ceylon Cinnamon and Sri Lanka's affinity is so strong that the botanical name of the spice - Cinnamomum Zeylanicum is derived from the island's former Latin name.

Sri Lanka commands more than 85% of the world real Cinnamon market.The allure of Cinnamon, and the wealth they generated, first drove Western merchants to brave the unknown oceans in search of the “Spice Island of Ceylon”.Ceylon was colonized in the early 1600’s by the Portuguese for that same reason and continued to be re-colonized by the Dutch and finally the British because of it’s exotic Spices.

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Cinnamomum Zeylanicum originates from the island Sri Lanka (formerly called Ceylon), southeast of India.Several attempts have been made to transplant cinnamon trees to other parts of the tropic world, but they have become naturalized only on the Seychelles.Ceylon Cinnamon has 1250 times less coumarin than Cassia.

Cinnamon is widely used as a spice. It is principally employed in cookery as a condiment and flavoring material. It is used in the preparation of chocolate, especially in Mexico.Cinnamon is also used in the preparation of dessert, such as apple pie,donuts and cinnamon buns as well as spicy candies, tea, coffee hot cocoa and liquors. True cinnamon, rather than Cassia is more suitable for use in sweet dishes. In the Middle East it is often used in savory dishes of chicken and lamb. In the United States, cinnamon and sugar are often used to flavor cereals, bread-based dishes, and fruits, especially apples; a cinnamon sugar mixture is even sold separately for such purposes. Cinnamon can also be used in pickling. Cinnamon bark is one of the few spices that can be consumed directly. Cinnamon powder has long been an important spice in Persian cuisine.

Store Dru Era Cinnamon in an airtight container in a cool, dry area away from direct sunlight or moisture