Cinnamon Toothpicks
Cinnamon Toothpicks
The more you chew the hotter it tastes
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Cinnamon Toothpicks are made from Cinnamon branches which are harvested to make Cinnamon Quills (Sticks). Whilst the outer bark is peeled off and used to distill "Cinnamon Oil" the inner bark is used to make Cinnamon Quills (Sticks). The remaining inner part of the sticks are used to produce "Real Cinnamon Toothpicks"

Dru Era Cinnamon Toothpicks are shipped to you within days of harvest pure and straight from Ceylon.

Dru Era Cinnamon Toothpicks made of made of natural Cinnamon wood.The more you chew the hotter it tastes.

The medicinal properties of the toothpicks are effective against tooth decay and help promote healthy gums and fresh breath .Cinnamon toothpicks are a great and inexpensive alternative to breath mints and chewing gum.They assist those who diet by helping to take the edge off their hunger (with no sugar and zero calories!). Smokers are assisted by providing an enjoyable substitute for tobacco when they really need it! The natural antiseptic quality of Cinnamon makes real Cinnamon Toothpicks an effective aid to help cure smoker's breath.

Store Dru Era Cinnamon Toothpicks in the original vacuum pack used to ship the toothpicks.